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About us

About Ameliste

Eric Lassus Ceo ameliste

Ameliste was created by a group of investors in 2006 thanks to OSEO ANVAR financial support that same year. This innovative concept made the company be award-winning  in the region of Ile de France Paris Est in 2007.

Ameliste is an outstanding unit who wishes to cover all areas of Europe. We shall be active as from 2009 in almost all European countries and offer the same type of valuable service.
In 2005, we devised a new concept about universal wedding list. Fed up to the idea that brides and grooms-to-be are regarded as milch-cow and treated like children, we have made up our minds to get the market rid of what is unnecessary in the wedding list and stick to the traditions. Then, we have added additional services such as a very original wedding website, tools to thank guests online and very useful software. In the very near future, we shall supply our platform with other services.
Above all, Ameliste gives its partners great freedom of action. We have  undoubtedly reviewed and put finishing touches to the current list of gifts and more importantly to the wedding industry as we offer brides and grooms-to-be plentiful supply of services, free  of charge !
We undertake an upmarket provision of services to the wedding couple, their guests and our partners as well. We really have responsibilities towards our customers and we mean to prove to be up to our reputation as a whole.
Ameliste is not part of a mere "wish list" that is rather lacking in services and support since the whole lot of these are globally not adapted to the sensitive framework of wedding.
Our services are in constant progress as it is the only way out to propose the newest things in the wedding industry. We always are after strong criteria for security, financial guarantees, quality in view of our responsibilities.
Therefore, Ameliste brings you the missing flexibility. We do hope you will appreciate our services.

Eric Lassus                                                                         
Ameliste CEO,


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