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"Your wedding list can be even more original with Ameliste"

Logo europe 1Explanation of Ameliste concept by Isabelle Quenin, journalist at  Europe 1 :

"Wedding lists can now be even more unique since Ameliste website has been created in 2006. It's just like an universal wedding list, this is to say that your catalogue is the whole internet ! Image, you are browsing on the internet and  find a wonderful product that you would like to be offered for your wedding  ... no problem Ameliste can make it possible ! For example you have diner at one of your friends house and fall in love with their pet, well take a picture and insert it in your wedding list [...].

If you like DIY work for your house, you can ask to be offered a bathroom... there is a great number of items you could think of. This is a wedding list or a shopbasket, if you'd prefer, the concept is a little bit different, instead of having gifts, you get the money to buy the product you want, it's far more flexible !  you receive contributions from your guests made from your list, on your personal bank account, and then you purchase what you want by yourself ! You can also choose to have a green wedding with Ameliste registry service, ethical wedding gifts for example [...]. Ameliste also offers a thank note service online, and you can suscribe directly from your account ..."