In this moment : 119 guests on-line - Ameliste, created in 2006 new generation of wedding list

Open your wedding list in 4 steps!

- Register for your Ameliste Wedding Website

- Please fill in this form -

After filling out this form to create your wedding website, you will receive further information on our services. You will be sent an email with the activation link as soon as you submit this form. This will enable us to verify your email address as it is the only way for us to get in contact with you.

Click on the confirmation link from the email you have received. You will be automatically directed to your wedding section securely.

After signing up with your username and password you will be enabled to set up your wedding list from your wedding website and find out that Ameliste website is  a top performing  service and very easy to use.

- Ameliste activation: Your gift list will be visible to your guests and friends

Access your wedding pages.

Read the Terms & Conditions of use as well as our range of services in order to enable your relatives to start making gifts.

Print your contract, sign and send it back to Ameliste (by post, by mail or by fax )

As soon as Ameliste confirms your subscription, your wedding gift list will be functional. Your relatives could start making gifts.

- Create your Wedding list on your webpages

Create your wedding list as you want : Choose any gift from the internet, create your gifts with your own photos, determine the prices, actually you have no limit. Learn how to benefit from Ameliste Wedding website for free as well.

- Refund contributions made from your wedding list on your bank account

Enjoy yourself! Buy your own gifts wherever you want, at best conditions because you no longer depend on a list of vendors. Freedom for you! You just ask to refund contributions on your private bank account.


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