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Ameliste, perfect option for your gift registry

Money box or wedding list Ameliste has been created because we had noticed that traditional wedding lists no longer comply with future couples needs. As most of them already have all necessary household items, they need alternative solutions. This is why most of them would think of utilizing a wedding wishing well. This solution could however be a little risky for security and convenience reasons. In fact, Ameliste offers you a brand new wedding list service that includes wedding list and money deposit.


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The flexible wedding list with Ameliste

Free, simple and fun!

The most interesting thing about Ameliste is that you no longer depend on imposed vendors to buy your gifts from. You are absolutely free to choose where and when to make your purchases. You can insert absolutely anything in your Ameliste giftlist: honeymoon getaway, newspaper subscription, health retreats, improvement courses etc... and  then display your projects in wonderful features for your family and friends on your wedding website.

Increase your purchasing power

You are completely free to choose where and when to make your purchases. It's up to you: purchase in the best discount stores, during sales, clearance or place your money on your savings account.

Get special discounts from our affiliated vendors

With the cash contributions from your wedding list, you can also choose to purchase from our affiliated vendors. As they are our partners, you will get a special discount on your purchases.

All these free services under one roof!

Custom wedding website

Ameliste offers you a service to edit and administrate your website with the latest internet version: Web 2.0. Personalize your welcome page, create your wedding categories and upload photos. With your wedding planning tools, you can also manage your cash contributions, your gift list, and Thank-you-cards. In fact, it's the only wedding registry service that enables access to all these options and flexibility under one roof.

A team of experts

Ameliste has been making progress in the demanding wedding sector since 2005. We provide upscale services with a friendly call reception for your guests. We accept credit card payment . We can add your guests' contributions by internet/e-mail or telephone.

Tips & Advice

We have worked out a Tips & Advice section for you in order to help in your perfect wedding planning. You also have a complete Directory with all local wedding suppliers you may need.

Ameliste Gallery

Our free software Ameliste Gallery will enable you to create your wedding albums with beautiful features.


We can help you to choose your honeymoon destination with our tour operator partners and find a travel agency that meets your wishes and stays in your budget. You can also include your honeymoon travel in your wedding list for guests' contribution.


Ameliste complies with regulations

Ameliste is a company who complies with current regulations . Ameliste has managed to obtain the trust of recommended partners such as Kuoni tour operator and banks, which is a proof of reliability. Besides, Ameliste was an award-winning in 2007 for the originality of the idea.


With Ameliste you can manage your money contributions in transparency. Ameliste does not charge your guests to make profit on them.

Protection of personal information

Ameliste respect your privacy and any personal information obtained through this website is kept securely. In no case shall Ameliste sell your guests' or your personal details.

Secure payment

All credit card payment details are kept secure and encrypted using SSL certificate.

Try Ameliste FREE wedding website now!

If you have any questions on our service, you can check our FAQs, post your question in our Ameliste Wedding Forum, or contact our customer service team.

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