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Accessories for the Groom

Groom accessories

The groom can also complement his attire when it comes to accessorizing his outfit .Obviously, the range of accessories for the groom is less ample, but it ensure him to look just as good as his bride. Before considering the variety of groom extras, be sure to remember this piece of advice on your wedding day: take everything out of your pocket. Get rid of unnecessary items such as pen, cell phone, etc.. If you really need them on the wedding day, you can ask one of the groomsmen to hold them for you.


Neck tie

Cravats are the more traditional attire worn with a morning suit, particularly if you are wearing a wing collar shirt. But if you have chosen to wear a more formal attire, you 'd better choose a floppy necktie or an Ascot tie (The Ascot is a thick scarf-like tie that fastens at the neck with a pin. This style is more appropriate for formal daytime weddings). ( the Ascot tie is a narrow neckband with wide pointed wings and usually worn with a cutaway morning coat and striped trousers). If you have chosen a shawl jacket, you would better wear a bow tie, if it's a tailcoat, then a white bow tie would be perfect.

Always choose a necktie that matches with your waistcoat and chest pocket.
Pearl cravat pin will give a very sophisticated finishing touch to your neckwear. Use it to ornate a floppy necktie or an Ascot tie.


Above all, you have to get great shoes! For the wedding day, a patent leather shoe is advised. If you are wearing a dark coloured suit, it is traditional to wear shiny black leather shoes. Choose your socks in a slight darker or lighter tone than your shoes. Avoid wearing basket shoes, even though some of them may look smartly dressed.


Usually, the waistcoat color is chosen according to the suit, the bride's dress or her bouquet. For summer weddings, the waistcoat is in silk in summer and covered with velour in winter. If you want to be dressy, pick a waistcoat that is a bit lighter than your outfit. In some stores, you can even find waistcoat of the same fabric as the bride's dress.

The belt

The groom belt may seem an insignificant accessory, but choosing the wrong one could compromise your wedding clothing. The aim here is to have a very subtle belt, so choose a belt of dark colour and without any special motif. If you are wearing a shawl jacket, a silk belt will be your best choice.  A leather belt will be fantastic with trousers of other suit styles.


A cuff link is a decorative fastener worn by men or women to fasten the two sleeves of a shirt. These items must be matched with whether your neck tie or another accessory. For example if you have jewelry or watch in yellow or white gold, it should be in same tone.

Handkerchiefs or Boutonniere

Whatever accessory you choose to put in the chest pocket, it might be matching with the tie or the waistcoat. You can ask your florist to reserve some flowers from the bride's bouquet for you to use as boutonniere. The groom wears his boutonniere on the left lapel, nearest to his heart. The pocket accessory should match with the necktie or the waistcoat. You can ask your florist to make your boutonniere from the bride's bouquet.


For a very formal wedding, you can wear a top hat, but it cannot go without gloves. While wearing gloves, top hat is a must to complete the attire.

Formal Canes

If you really want to stand out, then you can carry a cane with a beautiful handle,  it's a perfect touch of class. But what is important to bear in mind is that it might become very bulky in the long run. You will have to wear it with a very formal outfit such as a tailcoat or a cutaway jacket.