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Rainbow Club - 2010

The Rainbow Club is an established wedding shoemaker since mid 1980. The internationally renowned shoe designers have unveiled the new season bridal collections for 2010.

Rainbow Club is known to match quality and comfort for your wedding shoes and this is a good point. Nobody wants to wear fabulous wedding shoes and not being able to walk with them on their Big Day! Each pair of shoes are hand-sewn with best materials such as best Swarovski beads, pure silk...

Another thing made possible by Rainbow Club is a professional dyeing to match your wedding dress. In fact, it's one of the first wedding shoe manufacturer in the world to offer a shoe and handbag dyeing service. As we have also seen in the 2010 Wedding dress trends, coloured wedding gowns is now an established fashion trend. Such a wide colour range is not yet available in bridal shoes so the option is to dye them whether to match the wedding dress or after the wedding to use for other casual occasions.

The Rainbow Club has different ranges to fit every taste and budget. The specialist handmade bridal shoes is made of four brands from in house top designers: Rainbow, Rainbow Couture, Else and Hassall.


The Rainbow collection is a complete brand with different types of footwear for each bride. From ballet flats to high heel, peep toe to classic bar shoes, everything is made to make you comfortable and feel gorgeous. We all have different types of feet, some have round or thin feet, others pointy toes etc.. Rainbow is the collection to find that perfect bridal shoe for your specific type of feet.





















Rainbow Couture

The Rainbow couture collection includes stunning bridal shoes for glamour brides. Luxurious detailing bridal shoes sparkling with crystals, Swarovski, diamante ring for a chic wedding.


This brand is exclusively inspired by younger high street fashion for a stylish bride. Each shoe from this range is dyeable through the Rainbow Club Colour Studio, free of charge!


Hassall collection this year is made of a lot of luxurious fabrics and the vintage theme continues to be of a deep inspiration for the top bridal shoe designer Diane Hassall.


Photos: Ellese Chantel Bridal couture LLP

Visit Rainbow Club website to find out more about the new bridal shoe collection.