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Accessories for the Bride

Bridal wedding accessoriesThe accessories will compliment your attire for the Big Day. Keep it simple for a wedding gown already ornated and dress up your outfit with extras to complement a simple dress.

The veil

Although, some will think it's too traditional, the veil is the bridal accessory by far. It can be worn on shoulder length or full with a train of 4 - 5 inches pass the train on the dress. Be aware that cathedral length veils can be difficult to manoeuvre, and you might expose yourself to spoil your hairstyle if someone step on it! Favour a shoulder length or a finger tip length veil, which are easier to handle.

Wedding top hat

Try on as many as you can with an expert to eliminate the ones that don't suit you. If you really believe you are not a hat person, why not thinking of a Fascinator (a comb or head band, that is most commonly adorned with plumes of feathers) an alternative to the traditional hat
Traditionally, the bride wears hat during the civil ceremony and the marriage. The best time to take off the hat is while consuming the wedding meal.


The tiara is one of the most popular wedding ornament. It will add a royal touch to long hair and will feminize a short style hair. You can also think of a delicate flower-based hair band, a crown to finish off your outfit.


As a general guide the type of gloves depends on the sleeve length of the dress. For a sleeveless and short sleeves dress wearing long gloves that extend over your elbow (opera length) will make an elegant accent, while long sleeves would require wrist-length gloves.
If you have chosen to wear a hat, then you will have to wear gloves as it will have to match with the gloves.


Formally, jewellery was not worn on wedding days. Nowadays jewellery would add a glamour touch. However, when it comes to accessorize with wedding jewellery, less is definitely more. Think simple and understated, you and your dress are the stars of the show, not your jewellery. As with any outfit, you can wear a simple necklace with matching bracelet or traditional pearls earrings.
However, if your dress is very simple, don't hesitate in dressing it up with accessories and jewellery.
Nowadays, ephemeral jewellery are very trendy items. They are wonderful handmade real flowers necklaces, bracelets, earrings or brooches, and will add a sophisticated and authentic touch to your wedding outfit. It will be a perfect accessory if you have a very simple dress or if you are having a wedding theme related to nature!
You could also consider to wear matching skin jewellery with your outfit to embellish your body.

Handbags and purses

The handbag is not essential for the wedding day, as it can become troublesome to hold with the bouquet. If you will need special little items to hold (tissues , lipstick, mobile phone, spearmint candies ...), you can put all items in a purse and ask a friend near you to keep it for you.

Wedding parasol

The wedding parasol is an elegant wedding accessory exquisitely crafted in cotton lace, which makes a charming and useful keepsake of the the wedding day. Of course parasols wouldn’t work for every kind of wedding, but they are perfect for outdoors ceremony and garden parties and look great on photos.


Usually, shoes are chosen according to the outfit. Pick a pair of shoes that is consistent with the style and feel of your gown. If you have opted for a custom made dress from a designer, it's even better to make the shoes from the same fabric as your dress. The most important is that your shoes are as comfortable as possible, as well as look stunning. Avoid long narrow heel if you are not used to it, and above all, wear them at home to break your shoes in before the wedding day.You could also buy another pair of comfortable shoes to wear at the end of the day and make the most of the dance floor .


On your wedding day, tradition suggests that you wear lingerie as wonderful as the wedding dress. The most important is to wear well-fitting lingerie if you want your outerwear to hang properly and make you look your best.The coordination bustier/ garter or Basque/ garter are the most popular for weddings. They will provide support and uplift without annoying wires if you have a strapless dress. Bridal lingerie is usually white or ivory in color.


The garter is not an essential accessory but the tradition is still going in certain regions. Garters are articles narrow bands of fabric fastened about the bride's leg. Normally just a few inches in width, they are usually made of leather or heavy cloth, and adorned with small bells and/or ribbons. Several centuries ago, it was believed that owning a piece of the wedding dress that the bride wore on her wedding day would bring the owner good luck. These days, it is tradition for the groom to remove the garter from the bride, sometimes he removes it with his teeth and throw it to all eligible bachelors to ensure good luck. Many brides do not like the idea of exposing their leg to all of the wedding guests. It is up to you to decide, but if you are uncomfortable with the tossing of wedding garters, don't be bullied by other people opinions.

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