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Beauty & Fashion For the Bride Find the perfect style for your body shape

Find the perfect style for your body shape

Deciding on the wedding dress design

Now that you know the different wedding gown designs available, be aware that first of all need, there is an important factor you will have to consider: your body shape. It is all about proportional dressing to accentuate your best features and downplay your worst.


If you are thin and tall

Almost any bridal gown would look great on you. If you are model size, you can make the best of yourself by choosing mermaid wedding dress. If you feel you are too thin consider setting your height and leanness with some delicate detailed embroidery or beading. A chic way to camouflage skinny arms is with a short-sleeved bolero. In order to draw attention away from a petite chest, a beautiful necklace may help to add interest, especially if you have a long and graceful neck.

Just remember to avoid tall hairstyles and long sleeves, which elongates the body even further.


If you are tall with fuller shape

Avoid full skirt and sheath styles which are straight and will add height .You'd better choose empire style and V-necks. Wedding gown styles with a Basque waist, that forms a V-point at waist front and an off the shoulder neckline pared with a wide skirt has a shortening affect. Tiers of ruffles or layers in the skirt will shorten you. If you have chubby arms, a three quarter length sleeves will be flattering.


If you are petite and thin

You basically can also wear any bridal gown style of your choice. However prefer a long dress to a mid-calf one and also avoid very full skirts like ball gown as it will overwhelm your overall size. A-line wedding gowns and Princess wedding gowns are good choices if you keep the flare moderate. The addition of princess seaming add length to the body.


If you are petite with fuller shape

The goal here is to create a balance between your upper body and lower body. Empire cut wedding gowns would just look wonderful. If you are busty, then you might look for a smoothly fitted bodice with good coverage and a full skirt.

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