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The Bride Bouquet

As the bridal bouquet is an essential accessory for the wedding day, it has to be chosen with great care. Traditionally, the groom would give the bouquet to his loved. Nowadays, if you prefer to choose the bridal bouquet yourself, you could let him offer it to you on your Big Day.

Some would take the option of going to the florist with the groom to-be. However, note that the florist will ask you details about your wedding dress in order to select the appropriate flowers to complement the colour scheme and style of your wedding. If you want to keep the details of you dress secret, you may go without the groom. (Check our directory).

Obviously, you have to choose your wedding dress before deciding on the arrangement of your bridal bouquet. There is no need to order your flowers two months ahead, as the bouquet is made of flowers in season. There is a wide selection of bridal bouquet shape available: round bouquet, posy bouquet, arm sheaf. The posy may not be suitable neither for brides with thick hips nor very tall brides.

When choosing your bouquet, make sure it's not too large or heavy, as you will have to hold it the whole day. Some prefer to keep the choice of flowers simple with a composition of one type of flower that might make it unusual, for instance arum lily or orchids. Others would choose to make a special design. Don't forget that it's your Big Day, and you have all rights to choose the bouquet you like most, no matter the florist or your surrounding opinion.

Few ideas to help you choose the bridal bouquet shape:

Round Bouquet

Pageant Bouquet

Cascade Bouquet


Round bridal bouquet

Pageant/ Arm bridal bouquet

Cascade bridal bouquet

Basket Bouquet

Sceptre Bouquet

Fan Bouquet

Basket bridal bouquet

Sceptre Bouquet

Fan bridal bouquet

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