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Beauty & Fashion For the Bride Look fabulous for the Big Day - Watch your diet

Look fabulous for the Big Day - Watch your diet

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Look fabulous for the Big Day
Watch your diet
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Watch your diet

Undoubtedly pimple and blemishes will be your N°1 enemy on your wedding day. Nothing worse than a painful and ugly boil to spoil your day. Remember that what we eat reflect on our overall health and beauty. The best option is to take care of your diet at least seven days prior the wedding. In a word, stint yourself with fat food and sweets and prefer healthy food such as vegetables, fruit and fish. Try to eat raw food at each meal and 1 to 2 bowled vegetables per day.

To help your bowel movement, there are a few home remedies you can use to feel good that special day. Start by eating more high-fiber foods that can be found in cereals, whole grain bread and add prune juice to your diet to maintain bowel regularity. A natural way to achieve this can be  to drink a glass of cold water upon awakening and 1 to 2 yoghurt to help your intestinal flora. Idigestion can affect the condition of your skin.

It is also recommended to drink plenty of water, at least 2 litres every day: a cost effective solution to eliminate bad toxins. Reduce alcoholic beverages and cafeine.