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Beauty & Fashion For the Bride Winter bride accessories

Winter bride accessories

White fur wedding toque What more romantic than a wedding under the snow?
Fairytale winter wedding with white and pure icy decor. Glamorous? Absolutely, but practically speaking, winter wedding fashion, is not easy to find. How to stay warm without compromising your wedding style? It would be terrible to catch a cold on the day of your big event for vanity reasons.  Fortunately, many designers have adapted to the season by creating accessories, both stunning and warm. Here are our suggestions to be warm from top to toe for your winter wedding.

Winter headpieces

Real fur or faux fur wedding toque will keep you warm for sure! If perfectly matched with a scarf,  this headpiece will give you a Stunning look of a Russian princess! The only thing you should keep in mind is your hairstyle when you will take off your hat.

Cover up: protect your shoulders

Winter wedding accessories
Long sleeves wedding dress will be your best bet for a cold winter day, but if you already have your heart set on a sleeveless or short sleeve gown, there are other ways to stay warm. Whether you like bolero, jacket, stoles, shawls, it's up to you to choose the cover that  best complement your wardrobe. If you really want a sophisticated look, a wide-brimmed hat is a fantastic vintage and chic style when matched with elbow length gloves. The most important is to select heavy fabrics such as cashmere, velvet.

Keep your fingers warm

If you have chosen you can select beautiful long gloves to match perfectly with your wedding gown. With a kind of vintage wedding theme, think of an old fashioned fur or faux fur muff that will give a very you a very chic look. Having a wedding in winter time does not mean that you will have to wear a coverall, but elegant and matching accessories will give a charming winter style and keep you warm
, especially for a wet winter as in England!

Wedding boots

It's quiet difficult to find elegant wedding shoes in the design you want to keep you warm all day, especially when all shops  are full of sandals. Wedding boots look good and are appropriate for winter weather. You could also consider having another pair of shoes to wear during transportation as it might be snowy and icy. Take good care while choosing your shoes. As painful shoe can ruin your dreams of walking down the aisle.

Wedding boots

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Make sure the reception menu will include many hot dishes to warm everybody up during the festivities. Another good way to keep all your guests at the good temperature is to have a good entertainment planning, check out our suggestions!!!


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