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Beauty & Fashion For the Bride Ear Cuff : sport the new trend on your wedding

Ear Cuff : sport the new trend on your wedding

Ear Cuffs are not really anything new, helix piercings, pinna piercings and all sorts of earings have been beautifying our lords and peers for a while now. However, the latest fashion week has been the stage for a renewal of  this lovely piece of jewelry ! At the Dries Van Noten runway, belgian make up artist Peter Philips surprised every one with Swarovski crystals glued directly on the models' ears. And there he was, setting the trend of the stylish, slightly steam punky but so elegant Ear Cuff. Other designers were quick to follow suit, such as Ryan Storer, Katie Gallagher Chanel...

 Swarovski crystals Ear Cuff

Coral shape ear jewelry

Ear and head jewelry


Every one wants ear cuffs

It did not take long for movie stars and It-girls to sport their own ear cuff. Cara Delevigne and Diane Kruger were no exception. Hair style wise the Ear Cuff is mostly worn with a sleek bun or a loose side braid or with a "One Shoulder" hair style, The Ear cuff always add drama to an outfit. Remember though that, to wear an Ear Cuff on both ears is a look for Star Treck fans only since it will make you look like a sparkly Mr. Spock!

Cara Delevigne and Diane Kruger wearing their Ear Cuff

How to make your own Ear Cuff ?

A Thousand thanks to Superbytimai for this video tutorial, so easy to make ! All you need is to photocopy you ear ! Yes, it is that simple ! Here is all you need to make your own wedding Ear Cuff !

DriesMentendsTu? from Supertimai on Vimeo.

If you can't be bothered to DIY your ear jewelry , you can find some affordable one on line. We really love Assos .fr ear cuff for 47 € (roughly 30 £). (product code : 308888)

Asos ear jewellery

Ornement your ear with flowers for your wedding day

There are so many creative people on line and look at the japanese M Soeur special collection of flowery ear jewelry made of material . Donc they look so cute and ideal for a dreamy wedding. Those talented designers and bloggers are bound to inspire you !

Ear jewelry with fabric flower

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