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Beauty & Fashion For the Bride 5 styles of creative wedding outfits

5 styles of creative wedding outfits

Trendy bride from the french magazine BE

Sometimes in the french magazines we love to read, we happen upon wedding outfits that are stylized without being stuck up and that are up to the challenge of being laid back without ever being casual : outfits we really would like to wear. How inspiring we think those outfits are!

And inspired we were, so much so that we wanted to emulate those avant-garde looks and are bringing to yo new ways to mix and match this year wedding collection with trendy accessories. Trainers, denim and teeshirts can now be part of a bride's attire without the whole outlook being a "so chocking" fashion statement anymore.

One thing is for sure, the brides in those magazines don't look like what you usually expect your bride to look like ! Now, it's up to any one of us to decide if we can appropriate those out of the box styles and make it work for our perfect day !

Stylized outfits for a laid back wedding

This first tendy look comes from a wedding photo shoot by the french magazine "Paulette". We love to be able to wear a denim jacket and still look like a bride. The tulle tutu is perfect to make us feel like a graceful ballerina and the wreath of flowers gives romanticism to the whole look. Those elements of clothing might not be usually paired with one another but they do work well together and the final look is really wedding material, albeit not your wishy washy wedding style.

Trendy wedding : tulle skirt and denim jacket

The second outfit we've chosen was striking in its unusual interpretation of the bride's veil : a panama ! Look out how cool that bride looks ! The picture on the right is from the runway show of a collection by the genius designer Alber Elbaz for Lanvin Blanche. We also loved the casual chic touch of the golden gladiator sandals !

Trendy wedding : Lanvin blanche's collection

This third look is for the most daring amongst you ! Seen in the french magazine BE, this picture showcases a sexy nighty, a 1920's style veil by Delphine Manivet and out of all things, a pair of sporty trainers. Well contrary to what we'd expected, we were wooed by this picture when we looked at the page of the glossy magazine. This outfit , although unconventional still conveys the magical atmosphere of a wedding day…

Trendy wedding : baby doll, long veil and trainers' mix and match

Another look coming from Lanvin Blanche's collection is this "ready to take off" bride : mini suit case, vintage sunglasses, jewels and bling, T-shirt and gipsy skirt … You are sure to look like the coolest bride ever with such comfortable clothes to spent your wedding day in !

Trendy wedding : The lanvin blanche

Delphine Manivet herself took the pose for Grazia France, dressed in a mini wedding dress accessorized with Isabelle Marant's platform trainers. An outfit the bride can dance all night in without ever having feet ache !

Trendy wedding : Short wedding dress and platform trainers

I hope you had as much fun looking at those pictures as we did. It might not be your average idea of a wedding day outfit, but even if you're not going for the whole "out of the box" look, those creative looks can help you think differently about your wedding attire. Those pictures can really be inspiring and help you see that a wedding can also be a laid back, fun day .


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