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Beauty & Fashion For the Bride Gatsby inspired wedding dresses and accessories

Gatsby inspired wedding dresses and accessories

Carey Mulligan in the Great Gatsby movie

The roaring 20's are in ! Feathers, crystals, inhibited sophistication… The release of the Great Gatsby movie, had a lot of us take a second look at the innovative and outlandish flapper style. And a lot of us now want a wedding à la Gatsby. in a former article we've discussed the groom's dandy look straight from the movie. Today, the bride is the focus of our attention. Here is a selection of jewelry and dresses for a perfect vintage wedding.
In the Baz Luhrmann movie, Daisy's character played by Carey Mulligan, wore Prada and custom made Tiffany Co jewels &. There was even a body guard specially appointed to keep an eye on the actress, or more accurately, on her jewels ! But it is good to know that one does not need to resort to such measures, (nor does one need to spend such a fortune) to look like a scandalously fashionable 20's starlet! Here are some tips for an affordable yet jazzy 20's look...

Roaring 20's accessories and jewelry

Totally vintage and unavoidable for a complete jazzy look : pearls, feathers and crystals. A vast choice of necklaces, boas, brooches, headbands is yours to use freely and look the part of a luxuriously dressed flapper.

20's style jewels and pearls

20's style headbands and jewels

Looking vintage in your wedding dress

The 20's dresses are remarkable for their straight and androgynous lines. Form fitting, body skimming dresses will be a good choice especially if you pick them flowy and pair them with the right accessories. Rosa Clara 2014's soft line is totally in tune with the 20's ideal look. Angel sleeves, diamond shaped yokes, skirts shaped like flowers that are fanning out elegantly, ostrich feathers, transparent yet rich fabric and crystals designs… So many elements to make the bride look magnificent !
The 1920’s dress presents many advantages to the bride. 
It’s elegant, flattering, allows you to move freely and can be embellished at leisure. It is also a fun dress to wear and will allow you to bring a bit of the roaring unbridled twenties' spirit to your big day.

roaring 20's style feathered shawl

Rosa Clara 2014 wedding dresses20's style wedding dresses by Rosa Clara 2014

You can also have a look at this article for tips on the 20's inspired decorations !

Gatsby's style decorations

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