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Beauty & Fashion For the Bride A perfecto for the bride !

A perfecto for the bride !

wedding Perfecto and flower brooch

The Perfecto jacket is now a bonafide part of the woman's dressing. Created in 1928 by Mr Schott for Harley Davidson, the bickers jacket quickly became a symbol of rebellion and rock'n roll to now be a fashion accessory. Today it is even part of a trendy wedding's bride's outfit. The Perfecto can rock any dress but is particularly suited to short or tea length wedding dresses, or dresses with a full tule skirt. And if you are looking for a Perfecto of your own to give you an edge on your wedding day, here is our selection of bridal Perfecto jackets…

Pretty bride in a Perfecto

Perfecto jackets in leather, satin and lace to fit your big day's dress ! We fell in love with the tulle and lambskin combo, one of the french designer Orlane Herbin's favorite.

Satin and leather wedding PerfectoWedding dress and lamb leather jacketTule belted wedding dress and leather Perfecto jacketPerfecto for brides made of lace

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