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Beauty & Fashion For the Bride Latest trend : a tea length wedding gown

Latest trend : a tea length wedding gown

Tea length wedding dress

The "new look" refers to a silhouette invented by Christian Dior in 1947 and it has been in the fashionatistas and vintage lovers good graces for a while now, so you might be familiar with its curvy shapes. It is a very feminine look with a full bust, cinched waist and hips emphasized by circle skirts and petticoats. This lavish look was a welcome reprieve from the war restrictions of material and notions. The length of the Dior skirt is called tea length and falls to between the bottom of the knees and the bottom of the calf. And now, this flattering look has a place in every 2014 wedding collections !

Why a tea length wedding dress ?

Tea length dresses are elegant, stylish and, of course vintage, but they are also a very practical kind of dress to wear for ones wedding. The very length of those tasteful gowns means that there will be no train to maneuver nor any hem you or your guests could be so unfortunate as to walk accidentally on. Practical it is, but not at all casual ; it is always looking chic, modest and very appropriate for a church ceremony. Tea length gowns are also particularly flattering to pearshaped or hourglass figures.

Last but not least, a tea length gown allows you to show off your shoes ! You can splurge on a pair of Jimmy Choo, Louboutin or Lagerfeld without feeling any guilt, for you well know that those babes at your feet will get the admiration they deserve !

Finding the perfect wedding gown.

To find a tea length wedding dress, Ameliste provides you with a search engine that you can easily use to browse through the wedding dresses of your choice ! Just click on "Style  > Short" and the tea length gowns of various collections are yours to see at length. Here are the one we loved in the 2014's collections...

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