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Beauty & Fashion For the Bride A colorful petticoat to spice your wedding

A colorful petticoat to spice your wedding

Bride wearing a rainbow colored petticoat

Long gone is the time when women had to hide their petticoats and the rockabilly brides are now proud to flaunt it ! Its colorful, puffy, ruffly, girly, and in ! Showing off a colorful petticoat can empower a bride. she can feel as cheeky as the dancers of the moulin rouge who were showing off plenty of petticoat's lace when performing their french cancan, or as endearing as Mammy looked in her embarrassingly red petticoat in Gone with the wind. How about a bit of rock'n roll vibe right from Grease and the bride and groom can even perform a version of the musical for the wedding ball ! Yes, the colorful petticoat has definitely an uninhibiting power !

Petticoat : an easy way to add color to your wedding outfit

A lot of brides to be are on the hunt for something a little different with a dash of color for their wedding dress. It is now easy to pair a short wedding dress or a tea length one with a pretty colorful petticoat . Matched to your belt, jewelry, your bouquet or any other accessory of your choice, this petticoat will brighten any dress without robbing you of your modesty . A colorful petticoat also makes for great pictures, vibrant, colorful, fun and original !

Vintage wedding petticoat

Pretty brides in their petticoats

Rockabilly brides wearing pink petticoats under their wedding dressesBrides wearing colorful petticoats standing in front of a carouselBlue, pink, yellow petticoats by DorisBrides wearing fuchsia petticoats

For your own colorful petticoat check this site full of fun, happy fluffy treasures ! Some more can be found on this french on line boutique : "A Little Market".

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