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Beauty & Fashion For the Bride Shoulder necklace adorns the modern bride shoulder

Shoulder necklace adorns the modern bride shoulder

Shoulder necklace : a trendy accessory to adorn the brideComming from the US, this new alluring accessory accomplishes the feat of hiding and showing off at the same time ! It is a sensuous and classy accessory perfect to enhance and fit all body types . So, why not try a shoulder necklace !


This piece of jewelry is bound to fit

Once upon the time, the brides seen from behind, all looked the same : white dress, long train carried by cute little bride maids... Nowadays, the brides are going for a more personal look and often enjoy having an edge to it. But sometimes you want the best of both worlds : a dress with an edge but that still makes you feel like a princess, elegant and seductive, classy and alluring ! And why not ? It is your big day after all and you can be all you want to be ! The shoulder necklace is subtle yet noticeable and can bring the perfect tasteful sparks to your dress, showing off the skin and ensuring not too much skin shows. Seductively resting directly on your skin, the shoulder necklace fits the body like a glove and moves voluptuously with it. With this piece the bride is both bedazzling and delicate...
Some romantic shoulder necklaces

How to choose mine ?

The choice of shoulder necklaces is vast. If your dress is an unornamented bustier you can add a complex and heavily embellished necklace on your shoulders. The dress will be thus restyled but kept classy. If you like the pure polished looks the most, the refined shoulder necklaces made of thin delicate chains will catch your eyes. You can go for pearls for a vintage look or colors if it strikes your fancy. there is a necklace to enhance each pair of enchanting shoulder !

Different shoulder necklaces : thin chains and findings

Where can I buy mine ?

As it is a fairly new trend you might not find any in an actual store, but internet is the place to get this alluring piece of jewelry. The place for the best shoulder necklaces is definitely Etsy, such shops as "My Little Bride" (so beautiful !), "Happyshopmall", "Dolorous" or "BlueRoseByTemi" will carry the piece you didn't even know you were looking for. Some of the shoulder necklaces you will see might not be your style at all but they might inspire you... And for those of you who have a creative or crafty mind, why not make your own special piece of jewelry? Have fun and feel beautiful!

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