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The Groom

Gatsby inspired wedding suits

Beige suit worn by Gatsby

If, like us you're enjoying the Great Gatsby trend and appreciate that it's bringing some pan ash and sophistication to this season, you will be pleased to know that we found you some affordable wedding suits inspired by the 20's ! Three pieces suit, sport coat, coastal style blazer… Here is all you need to wake up your inner Gatsby !


Bow ties made of wood

Wooden bow tie for your wedding day

We are so thrilled to present to you The Wooden Bow Ties ! This is a fun, hype and environment friendly accessory which will spice up your wedding attire.


Wedding Suits: Carlo Pignatelli 2011

Abito sposo uomo cerimonia Carlo Pignatelli
Carlo Pignatelli has launched his latest collection for groom occasion wear for the 2011. The range of wedding suits from Carlo Pignatelli stands out as always for  the search for elegance and balance between tradition and modern style.

Carlo Pignatelli designs his collection with extreme attention to deatail and finish for grooms and brides: from the collar to the jacket, everything is in fact made up right in order to offer the perfect balance between the traditional Italian tailoring and new trends.

In the 2011 collection the colours he used are very dark and the brilliance of the fabric  is a trend confirmed by the most prestigious catwalks of wedding fashion for men. 

Here are some pictures of the new collection for your hubby by Carlo Pignatelli: click on the image to enlarge the photo!


How to choose men wedding ring?

Wedding bands put in a bookThe tradition of men wearing wedding rings is fairly recent. It was generally women who  used to wear a ring to show that she was married and belonged to her husband. It may have been a reminder that women were treated as a men property.

Everything has changed with the outbreak of the World War Two. Millions of young men got separated from their loving wives for a long time. The wedding rings worn by these brave men became a symbol of their marriages and devotion to their love. Their ring reminded them their was a lady patiently waiting for their return home.

Now, most men wear their wedding bands and they are no longer linked with no link to their  military status. Wedding rings for men should be most of all stylish and esthetically pleasing. Furthermore, they should reflect the personality of the groom.


Accessories for the Groom

Groom accessories

The groom can also complement his attire when it comes to accessorizing his outfit .Obviously, the range of accessories for the groom is less ample, but it ensure him to look just as good as his bride. Before considering the variety of groom extras, be sure to remember this piece of advice on your wedding day: take everything out of your pocket. Get rid of unnecessary items such as pen, cell phone, etc.. If you really need them on the wedding day, you can ask one of the groomsmen to hold them for you.