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Beauty & Fashion For the Groom The right attire for the groom

The right attire for the groom


For tall and thin grooms

If you are a groom with this kind of shape, you can do well with any men's suit. Maybe you should prefer double-breasted jacket witch are nice on very thin grooms. You can wear form fitting clothing, very elegant but be aware that too slim of a cut will only accentuate your narrow frame while too loose of one will exaggerate your lean structure.

For a tall and broad body

The key here is proportion. A suit with clean line and simple designs will create less bulky appearance. Avoid tightness in the upper chest and shoulders. Reduce the padding in your shoulders to avoid looking like a linebacker,

For short and thin grooms

You should not wear double-breasted jackets,it might give a much shorter shape. A two button or three button suits with low stance should be worn as this creates long appearance.

For short and stout grooms

For a more rounded shape, choose suits that make you look slender and taller. A jacket that is buttoned on the waist should be preferred to elongate the chest and hide the belly. It should be with vest to hide thick waist. Prefer dark colours that help to slim down shape.