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Beauty & Fashion For the Groom Bow ties made of wood

Bow ties made of wood

Wooden bow tie for your wedding day

If your dream wedding is trendy chic, vintage and tongue in cheek combined, you might have some difficulty in finding the perfect accessory for the fashionably innovative gentleman. Truth be told, the floppy neck tie though vintagy, can hardly be called creative anymore, the clip on tie lacks elegance and the four in hand knotted tie might just be a tad trite. But, you may be happy to know of this year perfect accessory to complete the suit of a dashing groom : a hand crafted wooden bow tie !

Behind this brilliant idea are 2 designers, Adam and Tim who created the Two Guys Bow Ties brand. Those two ingenious minds have revived our grandfather's bow tie and turned it into a tasteful accessory with both a vintage and modern appeal. Wood has definitely been a new source of inspiration for innovative designers, giving their creations a sturdy and timeless quality as well as a direct relationship to mother nature. We are constantly surprised by the use some designers make of this noble material in the most unexpected products.

Last but not least, the wooden bow tie is excellent news for those who can't master the folds of a tie knot ! On the morning of your wedding day, there will be no stressful fiddly attempt at tying the perfect bow with this no fuss , no crease bow tie !

A custom bow tie for your wedding day

Adam and Tim are offering a large range of hand crafted bow ties ! The bow ties can be crafted from so many different types of wood pieces (walnut, oak, rose wood or rare and exotic woods…) with or without pattern on the surface. You can have them patterned with polka dots, plaid, zigzag, argyle or you can leave the wood's natural graining appear, every one will find a bow to his or her taste. We did fall in love with quite a few of them !

Wooden bow ties on a wooden stump

Each bow tie has his own centered "knot" made of fabric and you can match the fabric to your wedding scheme. The most romantic amongst you can have your special bow tie laser engraved with the date of your wedding or with a quote, words of love for your dear one or any words you feel will make your bow tie so special…

different models of wooden bow ties

The prices of those elegant bow ties are in the 45$ to 75$ range.You will be delighted to know that Two Guys Bow Ties are shipping internationally, so you too can look dashing with an original wooden bow tie !

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