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Beauty & Fashion For the Groom Gatsby inspired wedding suits

Gatsby inspired wedding suits

Beige suit worn by Gatsby

Ever since Baz Luhrmann's version of The Great Gatsby came out, more and more grooms to be are looking for a suit to rival the detached elegance of this american character. Wether played by Robert Redford or by Leonardo DiCaprio, the prosperous Gatsby suits always look sophisticated without ever being ostentatious. Perfectly tailored three pieces suits, smart accessories, swanky demeanor… Those can be the timeless attributes of the perfect gentleman and therefore of the perfect groom to be !

Baz Luhrmann had the Great Gatsby suits tailored by Brooks Brothers, an available brand of men's ready to wear. So it should be easy for any one who wants to be in the skin of a 20's "big shot" to emulate Leonardo. And isn't the best of news to know that any groom who wants to can have his own dashing pink suit !

An affordable Gatsby suit

The "Great Gatsby" collection can be bought at Brooks Brothers flagship store or online from their website. For a full on Gatsby look, you'll still have to dish out a good 1000£ (even though its the sales right now) and we thought that elegance shouldn't be decided by money. So we found you 6 Gatsby inspired outfits, complete with accessories and under 500£. Hurry up while the summer sales are still on !

Ivory color linen suit

Ivory color linen suit

Affordable white gatsby suits




Leather and calico Oxford shoes - Zara

Club tie - Label Tie

Kill Bill handkerchief - Pochette Square

Skinny Fit Suit jacket - Asos

Skinny Fit Suit trousers- Asos

Waistcoat In Houndstooth - Asos


Blue Blazer with white piping

Weding outfit: Blue blazer and a white pair of trousers

150£ wedding outfit





Brogue shoe- Sacha

Club Tie- Label Tie

Blue Blazer - Zara

White pair of trousers - Zara


Boater blazer

Vintage wedding in a nautical blazer

Wedding suit and boater hat





Hemingway nautical jacket - Zalando

Printed tie - Tie Label

Pochette Clark Kent - Pochette Square

Oxford Hansel shoe - Antoine & Stanley - Asos

White trousers - Zara


Pale pink male suit

Great Gatsby wedding suit






Pink man suit - River Island

Cravate Club - Label Cravate

Graphic Burgundy Charcoal handkerchief- Handkerchief Square

Leather and calico Oxford shoes- Zara


Three pieces suit

CThree pieces suit

Wedding outfit 3 pieces wool suit




Textured moccasins - Dune - Asos

Boater hat - Asos

Houndstooth two buttons Jacket - Asos

Waistcoat In Houndstooth - Asos

Wooden bow tie Phloyd - Two Guys Bow Ties

Handkerchief Michèle ma Belle : Pochette Square


The tuxedo

Wedding tuxedo

Affordable wedding tuxedo





Skinny pants tuxedo with a shawl collar jacket - Caxton - Asos

Velvet bow tie - Asos

Patent leather Oxford shoes - Loake - Asos

Handkerchief Secretly Punk - Pochette Square


We hope our selection left you feeling inspired and, well, a bit daring in your choice of wedding suit !

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