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DIY bridal makeup: How to get prepared?

Bride doing her makeup herselfLike every bride you want to look the most beautiful on your wedding day. You have decided to do your wedding makeup by yourself.

Remember that before you start preparing for your wedding makeup you need to make sure that you took proper care of your skin. Click here to find out more about preparing your skin before your wedding.

In order to help you with your wedding makeup preparations, we have prepared for you a set of tips how to do your bridal makeup yourself and look your best on your wedding day.


How and where to find a good makeup artist?

makeup accessoriesYou have decided to hire a makeup artist for your wedding. You have read our previous article where you could find out what are the steps you should follow when you choose the right person. You could also get to know what kind of questions to ask. But what if you have not found your professional yet? We will help you with this choice. Read the list below in order to find out where you can find a perfect bridal makeup artist.



Wedding shoes guide

Wedding shoesAfter choosing your wedding dress, one of the most important accessories to choose will be your bridal shoes. It might seem a little detail as your dress may be long, but it will surely add a touch of glamour to your overall bridalwear. In order to select the perfect shoes to compliment your attire, you will have to consider several factors and not only the beauty of the pair of shoes. Here is our guide to help you choose the best you deserve for your special day!



Wedding dress: get the perfect fit to compliment your shape!

As soon as you get engaged, there are plenty tips you should be aware of while choosing your dress and planning one of the most important ceremony of your life. There are many details you should pay attention to in order to make the best choices, but don't worry, we are here to help! Once you have decided on the style of your wedding dress, the neckline design, the right accessories and veil to go with it, you will need to know if your attire fits you perfectly. Don't forget that you will be the Lady of the day, pictures from everywhere, and you want to look great on all of them.
Here are some useful tips you should know while having fitting sessions for your wedding dress.


How to hire the perfect makeup artist?

Bridal makeupAll brides want to look her best on her wedding day. That is why the choice of the right makeup artist is so important. A professional would help you look absolutely stunning and feel relaxed just before your wedding ceremony.

Before searching for a wedding makeup artist you need to decide what kind of look you want to have on your wedding day.

Do you prefer a modern or traditional style? Do you want to include some special multicultural elements in your look? Check bridal and fashion magazines etc. to get inspired. Take some of your favourite makeup examples with you to show it to your makeup artist.


Guide: Wedding dress necklines and jewellery styles to flatter your look!

Choosing your wedding dress necklineThe wedding dress neckline is an important detail you should consider with great attention when choosing your wedding gown style. The neckline draws attention to your face but also determines the overall look of the dress.

With the different silhouette of wedding gowns, there is a great range of dress to choose from. However, as we all have different shapes, the neckline doesn't always fit to our figure. You may like a style on a picture, but it doesn't mean that it will look as fabulous when you will try it on. Choosing the right wedding dress neckline will complement the overall look of your wedding attire and flatter your curves.

The more you will know what looks great on you, the faster you will make your selection in wedding shops. Here is our guide to help you choose a flattering wedding dress neckline to compliment your bridal attire.



Bridal make up: with a make-up artist or by yourself?

Make-up tools for a perfect make-upThe day of your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. You are going to spend (or have just spent) many months preparing every little detail of your wedding.

As all brides you are concerned about how you will look: your wedding dress, your wedding hairstyle, your accessories etc. You will be in the centre of all attention so everything should be perfect.

While the wedding is coming very fast, you will also have to decide whether you should  hire a make-up artist or do your make-up yourself or a friend helping you with this issue.


Choosing a make-up artist

Wedding lingerie: choosing the right bridal night lingerie


 The choice of the wedding day lingerie is usually left at a last minute preoccupation for brides because planning a wedding is already a daunting and long task. Therefore, try not to make this mistake as your wedding day should be perfect from the most important element to the smallest detail!  The first thing to know while choosing your lingerie is that you will need two set of lingerie: one during your Big Day and the second one for the wedding night. Generally, the wedding lingerie during the festivities is classical, chosen for support and confortable to wear, but as far as the night lingerie is concerned, there is no rule, except surprise your husband!

How to choose the perfect bridal lingerie

Choosing the wedding day lingerie

Lingerie from La perlaThe choice of the wedding day lingerie is often left to the last minute, because of all the other details you need to care about for you wedding planning. The main reason why, brides prefer to think about it later is that the lingerie is something hidden, and they want to make sure, the wedding will go on smoothly and  guests will be happy before paying attention to such a detail. This could be quiet understandable, but the most important is to leave some time for it anyway. Your wedding day lingerie should be comfortable and elegant, you can keep something more seductive for the bridal night lingerie.



Novia D'Art 2011 bridal collection

Novia d'Art 2011 - la nouvelle collection


The well know Spanish brand Novia D'Art ("The art of the bride"), has now release the new collection for 2011. All brides can now have the pleasure to browse these wonderful wedding dress designs. The new collection is full of innovative styles and luxurious details.

Novia D'Art has been creating beautiful gowns for over 40 years now as the company was established in Barcelona in 1967.


check out these wonderful dresses

Bridal headpieces : headbands, headwraps and french veiling trends

flower handband on

Trends are moving very fast these days about wedding headpiece. designs The wedding hairstyle is as important as the wedding makeup for a sparkling look of the bride on her special day. Women use to wear only veils for their wedding, but nowadays, fashion is changing to fit all brides taste. Depending on the wedding dress or your wedding theme, you will have plenty of choices. Many brides are now wearing tiaras and headbands from famous catwalk to the Churches, this is the hot trends.