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Novia D'Art 2011 bridal collection

Novia d'Art 2011 - la nouvelle collection


The well know Spanish brand Novia D'Art ("The art of the bride"), has now release the new collection for 2011. All brides can now have the pleasure to browse these wonderful wedding dress designs. The new collection is full of innovative styles and luxurious details.

Novia D'Art has been creating beautiful gowns for over 40 years now as the company was established in Barcelona in 1967.


check out these wonderful dresses

Bridal headpieces : headbands, headwraps and french veiling trends

flower handband on

Trends are moving very fast these days about wedding headpiece. designs The wedding hairstyle is as important as the wedding makeup for a sparkling look of the bride on her special day. Women use to wear only veils for their wedding, but nowadays, fashion is changing to fit all brides taste. Depending on the wedding dress or your wedding theme, you will have plenty of choices. Many brides are now wearing tiaras and headbands from famous catwalk to the Churches, this is the hot trends.


Inspiration: Glamorous gowns from Cannes Film Festival 2010

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Winter bride accessories

White fur wedding toque What more romantic than a wedding under the snow?
Fairytale winter wedding with white and pure icy decor. Glamorous? Absolutely, but practically speaking, winter wedding fashion, is not easy to find. How to stay warm without compromising your wedding style? It would be terrible to catch a cold on the day of your big event for vanity reasons.  Fortunately, many designers have adapted to the season by creating accessories, both stunning and warm. Here are our suggestions to be warm from top to toe for your winter wedding.


Look fabulous for the Big Day

Women with carrots in her hair and a cucumber beauty mask The wedding day is coming quickly and you want to look gorgeous in your wedding dress? Nothing better than the most important day of your life to motivate any woman to do her best. It will be your day with all eye on you and the photograph shooting you like a star! Your wedding photos and the video of that special day will be a memory you will cherish the rest of your life . You really want to look fabulous. Do not think that the make-up will camouflage everything! Here is a guide to help all brides and grooms  to shape up for the wedding. Beware, you have to start several weeks before depending on your goal.


The Bride Bouquet

As the bridal bouquet is an essential accessory for the wedding day, it has to be chosen with great care. Traditionally, the groom would give the bouquet to his loved. Nowadays, if you prefer to choose the bridal bouquet yourself, you could let him offer it to you on your Big Day.

Some would take the option of going to the florist with the groom to-be. However, note that the florist will ask you details about your wedding dress in order to select the appropriate flowers to complement the colour scheme and style of your wedding. If you want to keep the details of you dress secret, you may go without the groom. (Check our directory).

Obviously, you have to choose your wedding dress before deciding on the arrangement of your bridal bouquet. There is no need to order your flowers two months ahead, as the bouquet is made of flowers in season. There is a wide selection of bridal bouquet shape available: round bouquet, posy bouquet, arm sheaf. The posy may not be suitable neither for brides with thick hips nor very tall brides.


Find the perfect style for your body shape

Deciding on the wedding dress design

Now that you know the different wedding gown designs available, be aware that first of all need, there is an important factor you will have to consider: your body shape. It is all about proportional dressing to accentuate your best features and downplay your worst.


If you are thin and tall

Almost any bridal gown would look great on you. If you are model size, you can make the best of yourself by choosing mermaid wedding dress. If you feel you are too thin consider setting your height and leanness with some delicate detailed embroidery or beading. A chic way to camouflage skinny arms is with a short-sleeved bolero. In order to draw attention away from a petite chest, a beautiful necklace may help to add interest, especially if you have a long and graceful neck.

Just remember to avoid tall hairstyles and long sleeves, which elongates the body even further.



Accessories for the Bride

Bridal wedding accessoriesThe accessories will compliment your attire for the Big Day. Keep it simple for a wedding gown already ornated and dress up your outfit with extras to complement a simple dress.

The veil

Although, some will think it's too traditional, the veil is the bridal accessory by far. It can be worn on shoulder length or full with a train of 4 - 5 inches pass the train on the dress. Be aware that cathedral length veils can be difficult to manoeuvre, and you might expose yourself to spoil your hairstyle if someone step on it! Favour a shoulder length or a finger tip length veil, which are easier to handle.


Unique fragrance for a unique day

Initiated in the 90s, fragrance creation has became a trendy chic experience. Whether it is to suit your own personality or a scent for the wedding reception to revive magical moments in the future , perfumes are very complex mixtures of olfactory elements depending on the evaporation process of the perfume.

The perfumers, also  affectionately referred to as a "Nez" (French for nose) due to their fine sense of smell and skill in smell composition, describe the final substance as a three-parts mixture of chemicals referred to as sets of notes.


Choice of flowers

my flower for one weddingTraditionally, the bridal bouquet, consist of white or cream flowers. However, you can choose a trendy colour that matches with your dress or mean something to you and your husband to-be. The choice of colour is crucial as the bridal bouquet is a spotlight element on photos. Co-ordinate the colours of the flowers according to your wedding theme!If you are suspicious, here are some of the most popular wedding flowers and what they represent...





Where to buy your wedding gown ?

Meringue style dressWilling to buy a unique, custom-tailed gown, and money isn't an issue?

On your wedding day, you would like to look great. If you choose to sew up your dream gown from a highly talented  dress designer, a creator or a seamstress, it's not a last time choice, as your dress making might take 4 to 5 months. This solution might require lots of  fittings at regular intervals, it's up to you to know whether it would not be a heavy planning.