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Ear Cuff : sport the new trend on your wedding

Chanel ear jewelry for your wedding day

As seen on the red carpet the world over ! It's your turn now to be dazzled by the Ear Cuff, an unusual piece of jewelry to glamorize your ears and give you more allure than a pair of earing could ever give you, on your wedding day.


Ice cream cone shoes for the brides !

Wedding Shoes

If you've not heard yet of the micro collection by Karl Lagerfeld for Melissa here is your chance to get a closer look ! But first lets get a little back ground story. Melissa is THE Brazilian brand of shoes we so heard about when it collaborated with outstanding designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Jean-Paul Gaultier…


Dream live love: everything you need to know to live an unforgettable experience in Rome!

Life Lovers Logo

Would you like to make a shopping tour? Would you like to organise a glamour “Sex and the City” style stag/hen party? Would you like to be a model for a day? Would you like to visit Rome by night and its most exclusive places?

Now you can do it…how?

Express a wish, contact Life Lovers and all done!

But what is exactly Life Lovers? Life Lovers is an exclusive enterprise specialized in services for the “Sweet Life” in Rome and based on love for life and on a never-ending beauty research. This enterprise has achieved an unforeseen success through the oldest marketing strategy: the word-of-mouth advertising.


Wedding Veils: Beautiful Options to Consider


Wedding veils

Wedding veils can be as simple as you would like them to be or as elaborate as you can create them. Veils like this are important, though. There are various factors to keep in mind.

Do you want the veil over your face during the ceremony so that the groom can do the traditional lifting of the veil? Do your religious views offer any information and take on what your veil should look like? Consider these things as you check out the wedding veils UK providers offer, including the one of a king wedding veils shop option that is popping up throughout the country. Yes, they sell all types of veils for you to consider.


Designing Your Own Wedding dress: get the perfect design for your unique wedding!

Draw your own wedding dress for a unique styleThere are plenty of designers out there who would happily design a wedding dress for you. There are also designer wedding boutiques you can visit to purchase dresses made by famous designers, such as Vera Wang or Leigh Hetherington. (Click to view collection)

Of course, you could always design your own.

Even if you are a novice designer and far from being a dab-hand at drawing, or are simply clueless where to start, designing your own wedding dress is still possible. But how will you know what design will suit you before you make a start? Well that’s the simple part.


2011 Designers wedding dress trends: top advice for bridal fashion!

Divina Sposa 2011 wedding dressEvery bride dreams of the perfect wedding dress. Some prefer a more up to date and modern style, while others prefer the more traditional approach. Whatever your own tastes, it is worth keeping in mind current trends when shopping for your dress.

Current wedding dress trends include some classic styles that never fail to impress. Romantic, flowing and long (floor length) dresses are always popular with those who prefer traditional styles, but this season’s trends mix it up a little by adding embellishments such as delicate crystal or pearl bodices. Popular choices also include those with subtle floral designs and satin sashes for waist detail.


Wedding Dress Styles

Most women have dreamed about the perfect wedding dress since they were little, even before finding the husband to be. As the wedding dress is one of the most important items of the Big Day, choosing the bridal gown that will make you be the most beautiful bride in the world is the most exciting aspect of planning a wedding. You may however need few ideas and inspiration for your dreams to come true with a dress that fits and flatters you perfectly.

Ideally, brides should start looking for their dress one year before the wedding. Start by going through outstanding magazines, catalogues, online stores to have a quick look of what's available in order to have an idea of what you want.


How to do your wedding makeup on your own: all the tips and warnings

CosmeticsIn the previous article we mentionned the most  how important things you would need to do  before applying your bridal makeup. Remember that your skin should be properly prepared before your wedding day if you want to be sure about your makeup. Collect all the cosmetics and tools needed, read our tips and warnings below and check the videos explaining how to do a wedding makeup by yourself. This way you will be well prepared for this challenging task.



1950s Theme Wedding: bride and her wedding dress in the vintage style

Wedding dress retro, vintage, 1950s - Candy AnthonyThe vintage style has been highly popular in recent years. People start ransacking their parents' or grandparents' closets searching for some treasures of the bygone era. And what about organizing a wedding in the vintage style?

If you want to feel really feminine, the 1950s style would suit you perfectly. Furthermore, it is said that the 50s come back into fashion in the forthcoming season. With the rock'n'roll music so popular at that time, you can be sure fun is guaranteed for all your guests. In this article we would like to help you choose a perfect wedding dress so that you could feel like an ideal bride from the 50s.


DIY bridal makeup: How to get prepared?

Bride doing her makeup herselfLike every bride you want to look the most beautiful on your wedding day. You have decided to do your wedding makeup by yourself.

Remember that before you start preparing for your wedding makeup you need to make sure that you took proper care of your skin. Click here to find out more about preparing your skin before your wedding.

In order to help you with your wedding makeup preparations, we have prepared for you a set of tips how to do your bridal makeup yourself and look your best on your wedding day.


How and where to find a good makeup artist?

makeup accessoriesYou have decided to hire a makeup artist for your wedding. You have read our previous article where you could find out what are the steps you should follow when you choose the right person. You could also get to know what kind of questions to ask. But what if you have not found your professional yet? We will help you with this choice. Read the list below in order to find out where you can find a perfect bridal makeup artist.