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Eco-Jewellery and wedding rings

Original jewellery by ArtemisGold mining  is a dirty industry and has devastating environmental damages. It is well known that this process releases highly toxic substances such as cyanide and mercury.  The production of one simple gold ring results in 20 tons of mine waste. It can endanger communities, contaminate drinking water, hurt workers, and destroy pristine environments. If you are determined to be as eco conscious as possible with your wedding plans and outfits, then you could give priority to gems in silver or platinum, recycled jewellery or made using fair trade.                              

Good to know : "No Dirty Gold" is an organization who has taken action to reduce the impact of gold mining on the environment. to ensure that the gold in their products was not produced at the expense of local communities, workers, and the environment. It demands that the global mining industry provide retailers and consumers an alternative to dirty gold. They have published on line, supporting retailers who have taken the first step towards more responsible sourcing of gold by declaring to ensure more responsible gold production  with respect to social, environmental, and human rights criteria . Cartier, Cred Jewellery  and Goldsmiths are already signed onto the Golden Rules of "No Dirty Gold" (Check on the entire list of  "No Dirty Gold" supporting retailers).