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Green outfit and beauty products

Wedding dress by AranelFor your green wedding event, dress top-to-toe in environmentally friendly clothing. Choose to wear organic fibers and recycled fabrics such as organic cotton, sustainable silk, linen, hemp, or even banana tree fiber in their natural shade or tinted with non-toxic dyes.

If you need advice to find your perfect wedding dress, note that there are growing number of socially responsible wedding dress designers with whole collections of organic certified and fair trade bridal gowns. 
For men formal wear, the most common practice is reuse attire through tuxedo rental. But you might also purchase tailor made suit with use of recycled fabrics from your own wardrobe.


A very different range of choice could be also an amazing bio-degradable wedding dress that can disintegrate few years later, leaving nothing in the environment. However, if you would prefer to keep a memorable green souvenir of your wedding dress, there is also the option of flower seed gowns that you could bury after the wedding and that will leave wonderful flowers that you will cherish on your wedding anniversaries.

Another great idea of lowering costs is to consider using a second-hand dress that you can find in specialized stores, on online auction websites or shops operated by charity organizations. This approach uses products that were previously manufactured, so new resources are not exploited.

And at last but not the least, for your bridal make-up items that will enhance your wedding day beauty, select natural products. In order to avoid being deceived, a good thing could be to produce your own natural cosmetics. There are many botanical specialists who will offer you to combine organic materials to create your own make-up. However, take good care to have advice from experts as some formulas might be dangerous.