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Green catering and tableware

catererThe process of gradually opting for a more sustainable approach of weddings has generated a growing number of green wedding suppliers. Your wedding breakfast or dinner can now be more healthier and eco conscious with organic and fair trade products. Ask your caterer to base on local, seasonal and organic food to make the wedding menu. This would help to cut down carbon emissions resulting from transportation and less pesticides after the picking process. Be sure that your caterer use environmentally sustainable practices. For the wedding day, use biodegradable trash bags.

Drinks will also be an important factor on your wedding day. Try local organic wine producers to merry your guests while contributing to the local economy. Also think of using drink containers rather than many bottles.

However, if you are organizing an outdoor catering, you can also find environmentally friendly suppliers who specialize in biodegradable dishes. There are single use disposable cups, plates, bowls, utensils. Another very simple alternative for plastic could be to hire glass plates and tableware.