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Green wedding Plan your green wedding

Plan your green wedding


Green catering and tableware

catererThe process of gradually opting for a more sustainable approach of weddings has generated a growing number of green wedding suppliers. Your wedding breakfast or dinner can now be more healthier and eco conscious with organic and fair trade products. Ask your caterer to base on local, seasonal and organic food to make the wedding menu. This would help to cut down carbon emissions resulting from transportation and less pesticides after the picking process. Be sure that your caterer use environmentally sustainable practices. For the wedding day, use biodegradable trash bags.


Green transport to the venue

LiliIf you want your wedding reception to reflect your deep commitment to the environment, you have many choices. For an outdoor wedding, it will be easier to find a green countryside, a garden, a farm, marquee hire... ideal places with shrubs and trees are very romantic.    

On the other hand, if you want to have your reception in town it's a little more tricky. You could think of a wedding venue accredited as a green venue or a charity offering such service.  For example you could consider to choose a holiday complex where everything could be handle at the same place, a park nearby or a museum.


Green Weddings

The Green Wedding, this concept of eco friendly weddings is becoming very popular in the United Kingdom.  Couples are now taking the opportunity of their Big Day to show the ones they love, their passion for the environment by choosing eco-friendly transportation, organic food, recycled gold jewellery, socially responsible wedding gift list...

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