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Green wedding Plan your green wedding

Plan your green wedding

Hiring your wedding dress: eco and money saving option


Eco-fabulous wedding dressThe choice of the wedding dress is one of the most exiting moment for all brides. Most of time, this would be the first thing you will dream of while thinking of your Big Day. Everyone want something exceptional and unique for that special day but hiring the wedding dress is becoming a very popular alternative these days. Formally, the wedding dress was so expensive that mothers would preserve it for years in order to hand it down to their daughter. In our society of mass-consumption today and changing fashion, this option may be a little  compromising.
So why not thinking about hiring your wedding dress?


Decoration, flowers and favours


Wedding decoration on nature themeFor your table decoration, choose natural centrepiece such as flowers, fruit, branch, seeds... As there is a growing mass of couples willing to put the environment on their list of priorities many suppliers are now offering environmentally friendly decorations. The main point of having an eco-wedding is to reduce waste, carbon dioxide emissions and pollution without compromising on elegance when possible.

For example, if you are planning to use balloons for children or as house decoration, you could consider having 100% natural biodegradable latex.

And as far as the flowers are concerned, avoid commercial flowers off lifted in around the world contributing to air pollution and prefer seasonally flowers grown at home without use of pesticides. The best solution is to raise your flowers in your own garden that you would pick on your wedding day. This would give you the opportunity to choose the flowers that you really like and make it reflect your personal style.


Eco Stationery


Eco stationery

Invitations, stationery, access maps, envelops, menu etc... A wedding always implies waste of paper. So if you want to preserve our forests, there are many other alternatives to make your event both eco-friendly and chic.

First of all, use the Internet. There are many websites that offer you to create  personalised wedding correspondence. It will be a modern and eco conscious way to announce your green wedding.


Ethical Wedding List

Ethical wedding list with Ameliste

Do you think
that you already have everything you need in terms of home furniture and you would like to take the opportunity of your wedding to do something useful?  You could consider setting up a socially responsible wedding list in order to give financial support to your favourite charity.



Green catering and tableware

catererThe process of gradually opting for a more sustainable approach of weddings has generated a growing number of green wedding suppliers. Your wedding breakfast or dinner can now be more healthier and eco conscious with organic and fair trade products. Ask your caterer to base on local, seasonal and organic food to make the wedding menu. This would help to cut down carbon emissions resulting from transportation and less pesticides after the picking process. Be sure that your caterer use environmentally sustainable practices. For the wedding day, use biodegradable trash bags.