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Green transport to the venue

LiliIf you want your wedding reception to reflect your deep commitment to the environment, you have many choices. For an outdoor wedding, it will be easier to find a green countryside, a garden, a farm, marquee hire... ideal places with shrubs and trees are very romantic.    

On the other hand, if you want to have your reception in town it's a little more tricky. You could think of a wedding venue accredited as a green venue or a charity offering such service.  For example you could consider to choose a holiday complex where everything could be handle at the same place, a park nearby or a museum.

The most important point is to choose a venue near the place where you will have your ceremony, with an easy access for your guests (or even served by public transport), which will save on traffic congestion and transport emissions. You may also want to organize and encourage carpooling for the participants via our Ameliste wedding website service. Not only will this solution save a great amount of money for your guests but also it's a good way to get strangers socialize even before they reach the wedding venue.

If you don't like the idea of sharing transport, you could walk to your reception , arrive on horseback or hire bicycles. Why not arrange a tandem with sheaf decoration for the couple and hire bicycles for the bridal cortege members. The only inconvenient is that you should make sure the weather will be nice on that day and that the wedding dress style will be fine to make all these movements ....