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Green wedding Plan your green wedding Hiring your wedding dress: eco and money saving option

Hiring your wedding dress: eco and money saving option


Eco-fabulous wedding dressThe choice of the wedding dress is one of the most exiting moment for all brides. Most of time, this would be the first thing you will dream of while thinking of your Big Day. Everyone want something exceptional and unique for that special day but hiring the wedding dress is becoming a very popular alternative these days. Formally, the wedding dress was so expensive that mothers would preserve it for years in order to hand it down to their daughter. In our society of mass-consumption today and changing fashion, this option may be a little  compromising.
So why not thinking about hiring your wedding dress?

Why hire your wedding dress? 

The credit crunch effects on the average budget of weddings is not  so dramatic as girls would prefer to cut down their everyday life expenses rather than on their Big event. What we could observe is more like a shift of elements they would spend more on. The wedding dress is one of those items you can dramatically save money on and make good deals. You could wear a stunning designer gown for a very cheap amount of money and nobody would notice it's a second hand one.

Another point to consider is that you will only wear that dress for a single day. Why would you spend a small fortune on an outfit you would only wear once in a lifetime? You would preserve it and take care of it for many years even though you know you would never wear it in public again. Choosing to hire your bridal gown would allow you to afford your dream dress and save some place in your wardrobe.

Additionally, with the growing awareness of global warming, we more likely to change our practices and be environmentally conscious and leave a better place of our children. This has led to a generation of eco conscious and socially responsible wedding couples. Hiring your wedding dress is a good way of planning a green wedding without giving up style.

Where to hire bridal gown and suits ?Wedding Store

Many wedding boutiques and wedding shops are now offering wedding gown hire. You also have the possibility to browse on the internet for auction sites to make a person-to-person bargain. It can be a godsend and be a brand new or once worn designer dress.

Wedding dress hire shops can be found all across the country offering a great range of styles to satify each and everyone. Most of wedding dresses from these bridal boutiques have been given by designers and bridal shops and are in mint condition. Hiring your gown is very cost-effective and the prices can be significantly less than a permanent purchase. You can find up to -50 % or -60% the initial price, and afford a dress you would never dream you can get. Usually they can accommodate all sizes and alterations and cleaning cost are included.


There is a lot of pro's and con's hiring the wedding dress. How about you, what do you think about this option? Share your opitnion on Ameliste Wedding Forum with other brides.