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Honeymoon Trends How to display your honeymoon on your gift list

How to display your honeymoon on your gift list


From Bora BoraInstead of simply specifying the cost of your overall honeymoon, you can break down the travel of your dreams into specific portions for which guests can make contributions as follow :

● To go ticket x 2

● Return ticket x 2

● 1 Transportation to the airport. (You can also ask one of your close friends to estimate the total cost for your rides. This also an option made possible with the universal wedding list)

● Airport departure tax x 2

● Excess baggage fees for the bride :-)

● Luxury accommodation x 5

● Romantic Dinner x 8

● 1 Excursion x 4

● Massage x 2

● Groom swimming wear x 1

● Bride bikinis x 1

● Sun cream SPF 30

● Cocktail on the beach x 4

● 1 photo book to display your honeymoon photos

etc... You can have a lot of fun planning the honeymoon of your dreams !

Don't forget that the most important thing is to please yourself, and have a travel of a lifetime that you couldn't afford on your own, so be sure to make the most of your unique present !