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Reception Catering


Latest catering Trends 2011: what style to match your wedding?

buffetAt a wedding, catering is often provided by whoever is holding the reception. Some venues offer full three-course meals, sometimes more, while others provide buffet style food. Ultimately it is the choice of the newly-weds on what their catering needs might be.

Buffet style foods are becoming increasingly popular in wedding circles. This is perhaps due to the fact of it being a more sociable way to eat. A sit down three-course lunch means you are socialising just with those who have been seated at your table. With a buffet, your wedding guests mingle while selecting their foods, they can sit anywhere to enjoy the food they have picked and can chat to whomever they choose, allowing for a much more relaxed environment. Banquet style seating arrangements are also becoming more popular over individual table arrangements of six to eight persons.


Cupcakes for your wedding

Whether you want contemporary or traditional wedding cakes, a delicious chocolate cake, you will always find the perfect center piece to suit your wishes. Wedding cakes are really a piece of art that add elegance to your wedding reception. You can find wonderful designs to match your wedding feel and each of them are real creations. However, if you want something different and want to add a distinctive touch to your wedding, why not think of wedding cupcakes! 

These last years have seen a growing demand for these little muffin sized cakes in wedding celebrations.  You can have cupcakes in lieu or with the wedding cake for your reception. As they come in individual size, they are very simple to serve and you will not need additional staff to cut the wedding cake.
The words Cupcakes or fairy cakes, which is a fanciful description of its size, come from the early 19th century when cakes were baked in individual pottery cups.
These sweet treats taste very good and you can be sure your guests will be delighted with this dessert, it will also be easy to match your cupcakes with your wedding colours and decorations.



DrinksVery essential to accompany the wedding breakfast and quench your guests' thirst, the drinks have to be chosen carefully and in the right proportion. It would be too bad to have a miserable experience on your wedding day with few drunk guests. If you know you will have heavy drinkers, make sure you appoint somebody to supervise the quantity of alcohol that is flowing.


Wedding cakes and desserts

Wedding cake

The wedding dessert can be served on a buffet and may include the wedding cake, chocolate fountains, petits four, iced sugared cookies, ice cream... The wedding cake is the major part of the desert, the special moment to end your meal on a high note and delight your guests. There are different types of wedding cakes: the croquembouche that originates in France, made up with choux buns and filled with cream and peanut brittle, the traditional  fruit cake with thick icing and chocolate cakes. It is advised to display at least two varieties of very different dessert your guests can choose from.

If you really want to impress your guests, then you may personalize your wedding cake with your monogram on it. Some cake designers can make wonderful novelty cakes.


DIY wedding buffet


Your guests are not too tied on traditions and you want to make something simple and relax wedding ambiance: you can make everything yourself (of course with the good help of your family and friends to prepare the food and the drinks!). The most important thing to bare in mind is that you will need a very good organization and plan ahead. This might be an additional stress while planning your Big Day program which is already very tough. The first thing to do is to delegate some tasks to your trustworthy relatives and detail your expectations. Usually, friends are delighted to give some help whether it is to serve the food or to prepare the food. It's a way for them to be part of this unique event and  give you some support. So you can fully rely on them.