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Reception Catering DIY wedding buffet

DIY wedding buffet


Your guests are not too tied on traditions and you want to make something simple and relax wedding ambiance: you can make everything yourself (of course with the good help of your family and friends to prepare the food and the drinks!). The most important thing to bare in mind is that you will need a very good organization and plan ahead. This might be an additional stress while planning your Big Day program which is already very tough. The first thing to do is to delegate some tasks to your trustworthy relatives and detail your expectations. Usually, friends are delighted to give some help whether it is to serve the food or to prepare the food. It's a way for them to be part of this unique event and  give you some support. So you can fully rely on them.

A good thing could be to ask some of your relatives to make a good traditional food from their country if you have multicultural friends. This could even make the wedding theme as the opportunity for your guests to discover and expand their culinary horizons.

For those people who are unsure of what to serve, it is pretty clear that you can have absolutely anything you are sure to please your guests with.


Even though it is a little bit complicated, making hot dishes for a small number of guests is possible. If you are not used to cook for a large number, the secret is to prepare in small quantities one or two days before and find some ways to store it. But the best advice is to consider and work within your abilities and time-scales. While doing your wedding catering, don't forget small details such as the facilities you will need such as how it will be displayed in the wedding venue, the equipments to store and keep the food warm or to warm it up before serving.

Another good idea if you want to save time is to consider the solution of major supermarkets cratering. You might be surprised at what some grocery store bakeries can do with cakes these days. You can have a visit to your local supermarket to see what they offer. Finally, by the time the wedding day is near, buy the drinks. Choosing wine and champagne for guests as your wedding can be very costly and tricky if you are not a wine expert. Think about making your own cocktails by mixing simple drinks.

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