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DrinksVery essential to accompany the wedding breakfast and quench your guests' thirst, the drinks have to be chosen carefully and in the right proportion. It would be too bad to have a miserable experience on your wedding day with few drunk guests. If you know you will have heavy drinkers, make sure you appoint somebody to supervise the quantity of alcohol that is flowing.

Use this guide we have designed for you to work out the quantity of drink you need for your reception :

Red Wine

1 bottle per 4 people

White Wine

1 bottle per 5 people


1 bottle per 6 people

Mineral water

1 bottle per 3 people (particularly if it's hot)

Fizzy drinks

1 bottle per 5 people

Fruit Juice

1 bottle per 5 people

Bottle of beer

2 bottles per person

As far as drinks are concerned, if you want the caterer to include drinks in the package, be aware that this is the most expensive option even though it might be a very practical alternative. Don't forget to appoint someone to count the number of bottles that have been used at the end of the day, as you will be probably too busy to handle this task on your big day. It will prevent you from unpleasant surprises about the invoice.

In case you decide to provide your own drinks, do watch the prices, as some suppliers charge corkage fee. Then, you are free to benefit from bulk discounts at any supermarket, wine merchant or on the Internet.

Major supermarkets may make very interesting deals.  If you are not a specialist in choosing wine and Champagne, think off taking one of your expert friends with you. 
Besides, you can collect a maximum of good advice from wedding magazines or wine books. The best thing would be to keep it simple. Don’t be concerned about choosing the most expensive wine for your reception, as long as it's good quality your guests will be happy.

It is not recommended to save money upon the Champagne as it is the formal drink for special occasion such as a wedding. A bad Champagne will give headaches to your guests and could prevent them from staying till the end or appreciate the rest of the day. Also, pay attention that any of your guest drives while alcohol exceeds legal limit. The amount of alcohol in the blood for driving in the UK is limited to 80 milligrams of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood and you will need 90 minutes to eliminate a glass of alcohol from your body.

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