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Reception Catering Choosing the right caterer

Choosing the right caterer

Wedding BuffetGenerally, you choose your caterer after selecting the venue of your wedding reception. The caterer will have to know exactly the type of the venue where you have decide upon to figure out how he can layout the necessary equipment. Sometimes, you may also find a caterer who will recommend you few venues where he is used to work. The good thing will be to take advantage of a package that will stay within your budget. However, if you are on  a tight budget, you'd better choose the venue on your own.

Word off mouth , internet, Yellow Pages, forums, free  directory... all these are many ways at your disposal to help you choose the right wedding caterer for your event. Therefore, in order to save some time in your search of the real treasure caterer you will remember, you could start by looking the ones nearest to your wedding venue, as you will also have to count with extra fees for the transport if it's too far away from the reception area. Draw up a short-list of three to four suppliers to have estimates and compare prices and services.

Caterers will offer you different types of menu, considering several details such as the number of guests, the room size of the venue is and above all your budget. Be aware that you will have to anticipate charges per head of a minimum of 20 pound (not including drinks) .

● Sit-down meal : For this type of reception, you will need more space to accommodate your guests and layout tables. Generally, it is the most expensive option as a staff is needed to serve the food. The inconvenience of the seated dinner is that the choice of food will be limited, usually it's a one-plate meal.

● Buffet catering :  this will allow your guests to have a wide range of different food available, so that they can choose what they really like to eat. The benefit of the buffet is that it can also be used for formal wedding, as guests help themselves at the main buffet and then, sit down at tables. This is an important point for older relatives.

● A mix of the two options : Starters and desserts are served on a main buffet while the main course is served by a staff at tables.