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Cupcakes for your wedding

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Cupcakes for your wedding
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Whether you want contemporary or traditional wedding cakes, a delicious chocolate cake, you will always find the perfect center piece to suit your wishes. Wedding cakes are really a piece of art that add elegance to your wedding reception. You can find wonderful designs to match your wedding feel and each of them are real creations. However, if you want something different and want to add a distinctive touch to your wedding, why not think of wedding cupcakes! 

These last years have seen a growing demand for these little muffin sized cakes in wedding celebrations.  You can have cupcakes in lieu or with the wedding cake for your reception. As they come in individual size, they are very simple to serve and you will not need additional staff to cut the wedding cake.
The words Cupcakes or fairy cakes, which is a fanciful description of its size, come from the early 19th century when cakes were baked in individual pottery cups.
These sweet treats taste very good and you can be sure your guests will be delighted with this dessert, it will also be easy to match your cupcakes with your wedding colours and decorations.

For those who still fear to choose this option because they are worried about how to display cupcakes to look sophisticated and elegant, there are many ideas to make everything just perfect. You can rent cupcake stands  from a bakery for example to display your cupcakes and hold from 22 to 200 mini cakes. A good option is to leave the top tier of the stand for a small wedding cake for the cake cutting ceremony.

Where to buy your wedding cupcakes?


A great number of wedding cake designers can make cupcakes, but there many of them are also dedicated solely to cupcakes. The price is usually around £3.50 each. Check our wedding Directory to find your perfect wedding cake supplier whether you want a traditional wedding cake, cup cakes or chocolate fountains.