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Reception Catering Latest catering Trends 2011: what style to match your wedding?

Latest catering Trends 2011: what style to match your wedding?

buffetAt a wedding, catering is often provided by whoever is holding the reception. Some venues offer full three-course meals, sometimes more, while others provide buffet style food. Ultimately it is the choice of the newly-weds on what their catering needs might be.

Buffet style foods are becoming increasingly popular in wedding circles. This is perhaps due to the fact of it being a more sociable way to eat. A sit down three-course lunch means you are socialising just with those who have been seated at your table. With a buffet, your wedding guests mingle while selecting their foods, they can sit anywhere to enjoy the food they have picked and can chat to whomever they choose, allowing for a much more relaxed environment. Banquet style seating arrangements are also becoming more popular over individual table arrangements of six to eight persons.

Wedding cakes are usually the centrepiece of any wedding reception. The happy couple pose for their pictures here as they make their first cut into the cake, so it needs to be a statement piece. The latest trend is to have the wedding cake match the colour of the wedding, but anything goes as far as the design is concerned. Novelty cakes in shapes representing the couple’s hobbies can be a fun feature at any wedding.



Why not add a little ‘Flair’ to your reception and hire yourself an expert cocktail waiter? Allowing them to show off their skills as they make their guests some fantastic cocktail drinks provides additional entertainment at the reception, and some cocktail waiters will even allow your guests to have a go themselves. Creating happy memories really is that simple.


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