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Reception Entertaining How to make sure your guests will have a good time?

How to make sure your guests will have a good time?

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How to make sure your guests will have a good time?
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A couple having funYou have a wedding underway and you have already booked for the wedding venue, found your photographer and even your Big Day attire. You may be very excited by this event and there might be many other elements you have to plan before it comes. Everything is now in good progress, you are prepared with food you are going to serve, table plans for your reception, but have you thought about how you will entertain your guests?

Obviously, your wedding will be a memorable day for your closest friends and family, but it's also up to you to make

sure  all attendees will have a great time. If you really want to have a fun celebration, playing games might be a nice option.  Besides the usual entertainment, this will help you catch your guests attention and even make them participate in the celebration. However, be sure you don't plan too many games, it's all about entertaining people attending without depriving them of having fun on the dance floor. Once the wedding dancing have started, you shouldn't insert a game, no matter how fun it might be. The best moment to play games is during the dinner as it takes time to serve everyone or while waiting for the bride and groom 's grand entrance.

Here are some wedding game ideas for a successful wedding reception to make impressions last for your guests as well. Most of these games are very simple to play, and you will not need to purchase any additional equipment, except gifts to award winners.

An improved version of musical chairs

Musical chairs is a classic game but with some variations, it's one of childhood game you may still love as an adult.
How to play
: As a classic musical chairs game, arrange chairs in circle at the centre of the reception hall. The number of chairs is one less than the number of participants. A non-playing individual or the toastmaster ask participants to stand up and fetch for an object in the room (a spoon, a neck tie, a mobile phone for example) while the music is playing. The player who comes back  last is out and have a forfeit for the wedding couple (example: first dismissed has to invite them for dinner within the follow 3 months, the second have to take care of their cat while they are on holiday...). One chair is removed at the end of each round and so on till there is only one player left in the game.

Mummy rap game

This game is very simple. Select 10 to 12 people and divide them into pairs. One person in each team will have to wrap his partner standing still with rolls of toilet paper. The first one to wrap up their partner completely with no body parts showing wins!

The broom dance

This game is very embarrassing for the looser but very funny for other people. It's really simple, all you will need is a broom and a good DJ. Couples are on the dance floor and one extra man dance with the broom. When the music stops, couples have to change dancing partners quickly, the man who stays without a partner has to dance with the broom.