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Reception Entertaining How to make sure your guests will have a good time? - More wedding game ideas

How to make sure your guests will have a good time? - More wedding game ideas

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How to make sure your guests will have a good time?
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Quiz for the wedding couple

Having this kind of game will allow guests to know the bride and groom better and ask them questions anonymously!

The master of ceremonies will explain to the couple that he will ask them few questions they should answer honestly. Both of them will have their own panel, or balloon with "HIM" and "HER" written on it (make sure the panels are large enough for all guests to see easily. The wedding couple should sit back to back. The toastmaster would have circulated among the guests with a hand basket to collect their questions written on a piece of paper. Now the game can start. A question will be chosen and asked to the wedding couple and when the signal is given, they will have to answer at the same time, without any of them noticing the answer of the other.

Here is an example of "who" questions that can be asked :

Who does the vacuuming?
Who does the dishes ?
Who snores the loudest ?
Who made the first move ?
Who takes out the garbage ?
Who spends more time in the bathroom ?
Who proposed ?
Who makes the bed?

In order to make this a little bit more fun, the bride and groom could be awarded a small gift  to encourage them to help each other, for example a small broom, ear plugs, dish washing...marriage is all about team work!

You can also choose another variation of wedding quiz. If you want to make your guests participate more, the questions can be addressed to them instead of  the wedding couple. They will try to guess the answers and the winner will be the person who knows the newlyweds better.

Marriage advice

Most of people who are already married love to give advice about how to maintain a good mood in the couple and tips to keep the marriage strong. Living together is not an easy thing and both bride and groom have to work on it and make effort every single day. You could organize a challenge for the best advice to give newlyweds. Provide each guest with paper and pen before serving dinner. Explain the rules and let them think about what advice they can give during the whole festivities. At the end, collect all papers and read them out. As this has to be a funny game, decide to award the funniest, the  craziest or the most original. This is a good way to make them stay till the end, as they will like to know if they won!

Pink dice with hearts


The title says a lot about this game. The facilitator collect a shoe of each lady and then place them in the middle. Gentlemen will have to pick one and find the owner to invite her for the next dance. This game is best for guests who are still single.

Balloon popping dance

This is a fun game but tiring for the participants. Choose 8 girls and 8 boys. Tie an inflated balloon to one ankle of a member of each couple. Give the signal so that couples can start dancing. the object is to burst other peoples balloons while keeping your balloon intact. The winning team is one with the last balloon.