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Reception Entertaining How to make sure your guests will have a good time? - Inspiration for gifts to award winners

How to make sure your guests will have a good time? - Inspiration for gifts to award winners

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How to make sure your guests will have a good time?
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Rollin pin game

Between ten and fifteen guests line up next to each other. The bride is the first in line,the groom at the end. A spectator then puts a rolling pin between the groom’s knees. He must now waddle over to his bride and manoeuvre the rolling pin into place between her knees – without using his hands! If he achieves this masterpiece, the bride then has to convey the pin to the person next to the groom and so on. Anyone who drops the rolling pin owes a forfeit. Based on the old German saying ‘What’s this forfeit worth to me, what should be done to redeem it?’, a draw is made at the end of the game to determine who has to pay their forfeit and how.

Parasol dance

After all this flow of activities to add spice to the reception, here is a relaxing thing to do. All you will need is a big parasol, confetti and and streamers. The newlyweds will dance ( waltz for example), under the parasol. All guests will then come from everywhere to throught confetti  on them. This will be a very nice memory and allow the photographer to make nice shots.

Does the bride knows the groom from top to toe?

This is a funny game, only if the answer to that question is YES! This time, it's the bride's turn to leave the reception hall while chosen men among guests line up alongside each other by standing on a chair. They will show their calf and let the bride blindfolded feel calves in order to recognize her husband.

Pink wrapped giftGifts for the competition winners

There is nothing better to motivate your guests than award them with a gift if they win. This will give them an additional reason to play. For example promise them a travel for two, a set of jewellery, a washing machine, CDs.... Of course, This is not about  spending a fortune and go bankrupt but to make a good joke to them. These expensive gifts can be replaced by common transport tickets, a stunning candy necklace...


You can also choose to book a professional to entertain your guests. find the best entertainment expert to give the joyous feel to your special occasion!


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