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Reception Host Draw up your seating plan

Draw up your seating plan

Head table for the newly weds and families

Sorting out your seating plan depends on the guests who will attend your wedding. It might sound a very complicated task for weds to-be as it requires tact and good knowledge of the guests: the ones they like and the ones they don't get on with. This is why some couples prefer unassigned seating, where guests will be happy to sit where they please, taking good care to tell them where family table positions are located. However this solution might seem a little too risky if it is a large event. So, if you want to store a seating arrangement, try to put people according to their age group, but pay attention to small details such as older members who don't like to be regarded as such and teenagers who don't want to be seated with young children.To help relieve some of the stress, you should try to put families together, work colleagues together, group of old friends...If you need some help to assign pleasant dining companions to all your guests, don't hesitate to ask your parents, since they are most likely to know sensitive family issues, they will help you to figure out compatible people and long lasting enemies in order to avoid miserable experience for them on your Big Day.

Generally, there are two possible arrangements for seating layouts :

● Table forms : you can lay out with different combinations of tables such as the T-shape, the U- shape, the E-shape or round tables.  This also works well as all parties on the top table or head table feel part of the event and communicate more easily with guests.

● Separate tables : the newly weds and the bridal party will sit on the top table, rectangle in shape, at the front of the venue. It's important that the bride and groom are visible from all tables during toasts and speeches. Then, guests will be displayed around on round tables of 8 to 12 people, but if the tables are spread too far apart your guests will feel very isolated at their tables.


Traditionally, the head table has the newly weds in the centre or front, with their parents, grand-parents, the best man, the maid of honour, the groomsmen and bridesmaids flanking them.

If you are feeling creative you can give table names instead of numbers according to your wedding theme. For instance, "Film titles" if you have chosen the cinema,"Name of flowers" if you want to create nature atmosphere, "Name of countries/ continents" if you want a multicultural world.

Besides cutlery, crockery and glasses, items on the table may include cards to display the table name or number to let your guests be part of the table decoration.

Guests might know which tables they have been assigned to, so in order to make it easier, you can display a seating chart or escort cards prominently at the entrance to the wedding reception. Just remember that you can change up the top table seating arrangements to fit your needs. Once again, you may choose a name that goes along with your wedding theme.

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