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Decorations Theme Back to the Roaring Twenties

Back to the Roaring Twenties

Roaring Twenties themed weddingThis unique wedding theme will surely provide your guests a fantastic escape into the incredible Age of Wonderful Nonsense.  Obviously, Jazz Music will be playing around to keep 1920's feel and your reception location will be transformed into a nightclub from that time period. Integrating elements such as fake pearls, perfume, feather and costumes resembling Eliot Ness, Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, Bugsy Malone, and John Dillinger will help you achieve the right look. Black, red, blue, white, streaming ribbons  are necessary elements and not to be forgotten, black and white works displayed on the walls are perfect for your vintage wedding.

Try to evoke your wedding theme throughout the celebration to incorporate continuous feel from the beginning to the end.  You could name your reception tables towards famous actors and singers with candles on top of each table.  The place card could be made of long cigarette holders as it used to be in that period. Perfume is a good idea as favour for your guests.  By G. Zimmer


Feather flower decoration

Make your own Feather flower.

Compact powder shape menu

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