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Decorations Theme


Retro childhood

Decoration on school themeYou are a primary school teacher or nostalgic about your school days and recess time... Having a wedding theme on school may be a very fun and original idea. As it will be easy to organize, this old childhood atmosphere will remind a lot of things to your guests. In this objective, you could choose colours like ivory-white and burgundy to call to mind first colours of autumn and the beginning of classes, those old school days when the only thing you had to worry about was spots and what to wear for the next day. The place cards could be made with a pen holder surrounded by a paper with the guest name on it and tied with a ribbon.            .


Internet couples

Wedding decorations on Internet and computer themeIn this period of Digital Age, the internet influences our everyday life in such ways that many couples have first met their partner on line. So, if this is your case, why don't you plan your wedding toward this theme? This very unusual atmosphere will surprise your guests for sure... In terms of decoration, we have opt for a modern stylish ambiance with bright colours that will contrast the unblemished white of the tablecloth of the venue. Light green, blue or orange are also bright and nice colours that will help your guests think of the digital world of today.
You will have to use all element that can make people think of informatics, computers. For instance, you could gather all your all CDs and them to present the menu of the reception meal! You can give the CD a good look by making many holes and tie it with an orange ribbon.


Oriental Wedding Theme

Invitations on oriental themeTalking about Eastern countries, is mentioning several countries at the same time: from Maghreb territories such as Morocco, Turkey, Algeria, Libya to Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia, Irak, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Syria, Yemen, Jordan...In other words, oriental culture cover up a great diversity of civilizations that have so many similarities. 
Arabian Nights, Bollyhood, the incredible landscape of desert will then be our inspiration for this oriental wedding theme.


Sewing theme

Sewing themed WeddingYellow, fuchsia, orange, black, red, ... a full range of colours for a  cheerful wedding on haute couture theme. It's worth the trip on  a fun and creative decoration.  You don't really need complicated items, just find buttons of different colours, a tape measure, and the table napkin made in a bow tie shape with a ribbon. The place card can be made of tiny cushion stitched with a sewing needle with the guest name on it. You may even offer them as a wedding favour.