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Medieval Wedding Invitations

Wedding stationery on medieval theme
William the Conqueror
, the Wars of the Roses, the Arthurian legends, the Canterbury tales, Robin Hood ... There is a long list of medieval references in historic and  fantastic literature and as many inspiration sources to illustrate a medieval wedding theme. Therefore, you will have all you need to organize a wedding that really resembles your deep perception of what Middle- Ages.

Are you passionate about history? Why not choose to decorate your wedding reception equipment as in the feudal era and make of your wedding an even more unique and warm atmosphere. If the mystical emotions of Celtic world fascinate you, you could try to let yourself go for medieval wedding theme full of magic with Arthurian legends and fairy tales. And for those who are very keen about J.R.R Tolkien works, you could make interesting medieval decorations mixed with realism and fantasy that may be quiet surprising for your guests.

Revive the feudal era by decorating your wedding venue with colours of blazons from that time and a beautiful medieval wedding dress. So for example, you can mix two colours: azure blue and golden yellow, blood red and golden yellow match perfectly for royal wedding. If you would prefer something more colourful, you can combine many colours (blue, yellow, green, red) for a cheerful wedding.

The wedding table could take a rustic transformation with the use of an antic brown colour mixed with blue, green, purple or orange. If farming was part of your childhood, you could arrange a country-style wedding, using green, to be match with white or orange. As a majestic colour, golden yellow will also be a nice complement colour scheme.


Medieval stationery

Make your own castle style stationery.