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Customize your cake topper

Customized wedding topper

Displayed on top of the wedding cake or on the head table, the tradition of wedding figurine as a basic component of the cake dates back many years. Up to now, soon to be married couples used to content themselves with impersonal wedding toppers to adorn their cake. From now on, you have the opportunity to match your figurine with your own specifications and make it totally unique.

No need to browse around for a wedding figurine designer, everything is made from the comfort of your own home. You will have to provide the designer with the couple photo and if possible dressed in your wedding day outfit. You can also send him some specifications about your couple for him to create a cake topper unique to you and truly memorable. 
In order to make sure the result will resemble what you have expected for, the designer may send you a photo of the cultures while making it for you to make your comments and ask for changes if necessary. Then, the figure is baked in the oven to cure and paint is applied to highlight the make up and dressing details before it is dispatched.
As this activity is getting very trendy now, make sure you order your topper at least two months before your wedding. The price of figurine can vary from 150£ to 300£ and above, depending how many pieces they are made of, the size etc...  They can create absolutely any centrepiece theme you want. The wedding dress, groomswear, your  posture, decorations... everything is possible! For brides, we advice you to take benefit from you dress and make up fitting to make photos to send to the designer so that he can start making the figurine as alike as possible. This will make thFigurine of a newly wed couplee difference to your guests and a creative work of art for you to cherish all your life.

Have you ever opt for this solution of customized figurines for your wedding? Share your ideas with all the brides and groom getting married soon on our wedding forum.