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Decorations Trends Winter themed wedding: a trendy option

Winter themed wedding: a trendy option

Bride in front of the Ice hotelYou have finally found your winter wedding dress and all accessories to keep you warm? Now, it's time to think about the wedding venue. In addition to the elegance of a winter wedding, planning your event in this season will help you save a huge amount of money! In fact as most couples organize their wedding in summer time, the wedding industry is overwhelmed but in the cold season it's all the opposite. You can save from 20% to 40% between November and March. Another advantage is that you can plan your winter wedding in 6 months, comparing to a summer wedding where you will have to book everything one year before. Some wedding planner services have even specialize in winter themed weddings.

Wedding venue ideas

If you really want to have something reminding winter and that would be unusual, why not have a destination wedding and book at the ice Hotel in Quebec? This is a unique hotel made up with 12, 000 tons of snow , sculpted blocks of ice, even the furniture is carved out of ice blocks! This would be the perfect place to tie the knot. The hotel boasts its own Ice Chapel which provides an enchanting and fairytale-like setting for weddings. If you love winter period, this is an experience you wont want to miss. The price is about 2000 $ for wedding and stay.

Winter wedding decorationsWinter decorations

For those on a tight budget, you can still find wonderful ideas to create a winter atmosphere with very simple elements. Take advantage of Christmas period to purchase your centrepieces. You will find all those items at a bargain if you wait just after Christmas Eve! Talking about the colour schemes, try white and blue or silver. Most flowers are expensive in winter, you can have carnations, gerberas, baby's breath, witch are easily available.


Ice Sculptures

Why not having ice sculptures to add that extra touch to your winter decorations? There are wonderful ice sculptures you can find to decorate your tables as swan centrepieces engraved with the name of the wedding couple into the ice. You could also find ice sculptures experts who would accept to design at the wedding reception as well. This can also entertain your guests, who will be delighted to share this incredible experience.

Beauty of bridal makeup

Winter Makeup and hairstyle


A winter wedding is a good opportunity to have an elegant wedding.
You have a great range of accessories to choose from to remind your wedding theme. Long silver lead, crystal ornaments for a sophisticated chignon for your hairstyle.
When it comes to makeup, a winter wedding seems to be a good idea for a long-lasting makeup as cold will help it to stay. Waterproof mascara is a must, as tears are almost guaranteed.




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