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Decorations Trends Wedding in the sky: unusual place for unforgettable memories!

Wedding in the sky: unusual place for unforgettable memories!

Unusual weddingWould you like to do something really uncommun and get some height for your very special day? What about bringing your wedding guests a little bit closer to the angels for this occasion or simply trying a parachute jump with your hubby to enter your new married life? If this challenging idea sounds good to you, it's now possible to fulfill this dream with Event in the sky. The concept has been developped by a Beligian event ccompany, well known already known for their famous "Dinner in the sky" worldwide. They are now offering this service to couples who are not afraid of heights.


How to celebrate your wedding in the sky?

Well the scheldule of the day is to suspend the wedding attendees hosted on a platform at a height of 50 meters. You can choose to have the marriage ceremony, your wedding reception or the wedding party in the air to have a wonderfull experience with your closest relatives. You can be sure they will never forget your wedding date in their entire life! However, make sure your guests are do not have vertigo! There is nothing to be afraid of, as everyone will be strapped in an aircraft seat. If necessary, take a little pullover as it might be cold up ther...

The happy couple can really plan there unique travel in the sky as they want. For couples who have always dreamt of sky diving, this can be the opportunity to make the jump after exchanging vows. A stylist from the company will makea special wedding dress for this challenge.

The minimum price for this kind of eclusive day is a minimum of £8,000, but let stay positive, it's always less than a sapce travel!!  

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Wedding of Sandra and Jeroen by Marriage in the sky