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Decorations Theme Oriental Wedding Theme

Oriental Wedding Theme

Invitations on oriental themeTalking about Eastern countries, is mentioning several countries at the same time: from Maghreb territories such as Morocco, Turkey, Algeria, Libya to Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia, Irak, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Syria, Yemen, Jordan...In other words, oriental culture cover up a great diversity of civilizations that have so many similarities. 
Arabian Nights, Bollyhood, the incredible landscape of desert will then be our inspiration for this oriental wedding theme.

Gold colour is the quintessentially necessary colour for oriental weddings. You may wish to decline it into various shades. If you really want to set the ambiance of Maghreb countries, give priority to warm colours such as red and orange. Chocolate brown tones combined with orange and golden yellow could also be very nice to illustrate your wedding theme.

Matching orange or yellow and deep blue will be perfect if you have been inspired by The Arabian Nights, as it evokes the beautiful star-studded sky of tropical countries. When you mix orange and purple or plum-colour it might be dauntless if you want to create an Indian and convivial surroundings. You could even add merriment with a touch of fuchsia. For sure, you will not go wrong combining purple, turquoise and fuchsia. So will be the result if you match orange, yellow and turquoise which will add shine and brightness to your wedding decoration.


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